Friday, November 21, 2008

Divas, Drinks and Diamonds

Well, now that I have your undivided attention, let me tell you about what happens when one diva mommie invites her friends over for drinks and diamonds. Okay, so it is really Silpada jewelry and it is sterling silver baubles, but fun!

My busty, blonde, total babe of a friend, Lisa hosted the evening in her clean home. I find it hard to believe that people actually live in her house, but whatever! Can you believe that between the two of us we have given birth to 8 kids? It is TRUE! That is insane! I am the Jewish Martha Stewart and she is the blonde Italian version of Martha, Ciao bella, I will now call her Mama Mia Martha Stewart. Her triplets are G-G-B and sooo delicious- just like all the incredible appetizers that Mama Mia Martha Stewart made after getting her hair done. Fabulous eh? I am totally going against the notion of finding friends that look way OLDER than me. Dammit, now I am hanging it out with someone who while technically IS older, but looks younger. I made a promise to myself to start hanging out with some old hags but I can't seem to find any I like.

While sipping sexy cocktails all the diva mommies shopped for new gems and silver accessories and
gabbed about the fast approaching holidays, the Black Friday sales and guess what? Several of us were bitching about how Target goofed when they canceled orders for the Britax Marathons Carseats earlier this week. Here are the most frequent guests of their store and instead of singing Target's praises over artichoke filled pockets and cheese & onion tartlets, these ladies were comparing stories of anger and frustration. Not good Target, I repeat, NOT GOOD! This has moved from just idle internet chit chat and is now face to face conversation.

When Lisa was busy taking hot trays out of her oven I snuck her kids downstairs and snapped some pics of them. I told them to be really quiet so we could surprise their mom with the results. They could not stop smiling because the thought of pulling one over on mommie was too much for them to pass up. The triplets were so proud of the Thanksgiving Turkey hats featuring their handpints- I just had to have them model them for the blog. Note to self: Next year steal this idea for Thanksgiving!

Since technically I am still in NON-Spending mode, I decided to curb my urge to buy every cool thing on the kitchen table. Instead, I agreed to host a party like this to earn my own jewels without opening my checkbook, So when you get your engraved invite to come over for drinks and diamonds, make sure you look WAY WAY older than me!

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