Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did Someone Say SUSHI?

When you have lots of kids and very little time, all it takes to get you scrambling to make "plans" happen are a few choice words. Bargains, Designer Couture, Free Drinks, Uninterruped sleep, or in my case: SUSHI

My friend RS knows what makes me tick. So she generously offered to take me out for my BIG birthday dinner--just a few weeks ahead of time. This is genius because now I can officially start the festivities and stretch out the whole party theme for a whole month. Starting off the celebration with SUSHI and continuing the plans for this long is sure to make me embrace turning gasp, FORTY!

Over a french martini and a few exotic Sushi rolls I learned that RS is almost 7 years older than me, this revelation made me panic. She is 7 years older than me, but looks 7 years younger than me, which technically subtracts 14 years from her age when doing my fuzzy math. As the famous Warren Zevon said in Werewolves of London- "Her Hair was Perfect! I swear RS looks like she is in her 20's which is great for her, but not so great if you are trying to feel and look like the youngest one in the restaurant. "NOTE TO SELF: I NEED TO FIND OLDER LOOKING FRIENDS! Hanging out with these kind of ageless women has got to stop! I will start to look 40 in a month if I am not careful. I must quit letting my young looking friends age me...Even if they say the magic words I love to hear!

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