Saturday, November 29, 2008

CJ is ready for the Swiss Alps, and So am I

Today I found CJ in the playroom singing and saying "Yo who who" over and over. At first I tried to make out the words and I could not understand him at all. "Yo who who Yo who who." Finally, I asked him,

Me: "CJ, What are you Saying?"
CJ: "Nuffing"
Me: "CJ, I can hear you saying words but I don't understand them"
CJ: "Mommie, I not saying nuffing, I am Yo-derring!"

I about died. I was laughing so friggin hard- my son was YODELING! Now, I got it, and in his sweet defense, he was trying to yodel. In hindsight it did sound like garbled Yodeling.

You might ask where in G-d's name did a 3 year old learn to yodel? I was mildly curious myself seeing as how our Latin Aupair can't yodel, and no one in our home would dream of belting out a Yo-del lay hee who. CJ's adores the new animated show is called Toot and Puddle and it is about two traveling pigs. Yesterday Toot and Puddle were in Switzerland and YES- they discussed Yodeling. This sweet show is on NOGGIN and I have a hunch CJ will be replacing Diego with Toot & PUddle on his list of faborites.

So now we can add yet another talent into the mix. Perhaps CJ will be my excuse to jet off to Gstaad this season....after all, it about learning and adventure right? Clearly their young minds need enrichment and I do love an Alpine Chalet this time of year!

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