Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What she Got?

So I am with Eli at Giant Eagle. As we are browsing in the produce section he notices a rather Large and Masculine Butch Lesbian***. Eli is staring at her flat top buzz hair cut, and looking puzzled at her menswear style jeans and button up shirt. Clearly, she had boobs which really confused my son. So after gazing at this "woman" who looked like a dude, this is our conversation:

Eli: Mommie, what her got?
Me: (looking inside her shopping cart), she has apples and oranges in there
Eli: NO! NO! Mommie, what her got?
Me; I don't understand what you are asking me, what do you mean?
Eli: What her got, a penis or a vagina?

It was all I could do not to crack up. The kid notices everything! I was shocked and amazed that he even thought to ask, but I guess it was confusing. Being part of a set of mixed gender triplets has made us more conscience of the differences between boys and girls but this is not a conversation I thought I would be having at age 3!

I kept my answer short and sweet and I said I was not sure, which she had but that it did not matter. Hey, Eli, let's go buy some potatoes....and away we went leaving "Pat" in produce to fend for herself.

*** edited to add, that I am assuming she was a Lesbian- I have no proof, not that it matters to me either way. She was just very gender bender in her appearance, that is all. I am SO Sorry if my calling her a lesbian seemed offensive.

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Mandie said...

Holy shit; I couldn't even get passed the second sentence - "large and masculine". I love how you write out excatly what I think of people. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Eli thought the same damn thing. Thanks for linking to this on TC. This was hysterical!

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