Monday, October 6, 2008

What a birthday party is supposed to be....FUN!

WOW- we survived it-unscathed and still somewhat sane. Well, Ummmm, Okay, as normal as we can be with what used to be four kids under three and is now four kids under four. The triplets 3rd birthday party went as I had so diligently planned. There were no meltdowns (adult or kid) and everyone had a blast. It was exactly as a toddler birthday party should be. It was FUN! The friends and family joined us at COSI and the children invaded the kidspace play area in mass.

You see, when triplets have a P-A-R-T-Y they invite all their multiples friends to share in the celebration.

Oh sure, there were classmates from Temple Beth Chanel too, but in addition to the pre-school chums there were 3 sets of triplets, a set of quintuplets and a set of twins plus the little cousins Connor, Lillian and Samuel.
COSI was the ultimate venue. The kidspace entertained everybody with little need for parental intervention and guidance. No silly pin the tail on the donkey games or gooey sticky mess at home either. There was barely any clean up to do, which made it enjoyable for Mommie as well. It was just creative play at its best. After the energy was expelled on the science based stations we met back in the indoor picnic room for treats and three rowdy rounds of Happy Birthday singing.

We served Gluten Free Rice Krispie style treats on sticks instead of traditional birthday cake

(note to moms- this method was completely mess-less, there was no need for plates or utensils) fresh fruit kabobs and juice boxes. There was a bowl of Pirate Booty as a centerpiece to each table and little hands loved just digging into the stuff. The adults grazed on a buffet of Azuki bean and rice chips with hummus, fruit kabobs and tortilla chips with flaxseeds and salsa. I doubt very seriously if it was the stereotypical gluten free vegetarian (kosher by default) fare that would normally be served at a three year old fiesta. The tables were set for the little ones and the adults could just chow and hang out chatting. Parental guests shmoozing and gabbing it up while the kids were too busy to notice- it was a pleasure to be there even as an adult. This was key to avoiding the typical Mommie and Daddy birthday party boredom, stress and headache. I know most people have the notion that moms of multiples are frumpy and schlumpadicka, but not my glam mommie way! Check out the tall sexy kicks on Angie-talk about dressing like a diva, flared jeans and pointy toe stilletos, yowza! This triple mama is going for the drama!
After the party was over our group met on the second level of COSI for the Sesame Street Body exhibit.This was hands on interactive creative play for children with a human body theme. The area officially opened this weekend and it is the perfect indoor place to take the monkeys.

Each station focused on a different body part and allowed the kids to mess around while learning.

They were fascinated and engaged beyond just being busy. It was like we were the last ones in the bar at last call- they had to practically blink the lights and escort us out at closing. The kids did not want to leave and I had to sweet talk them into the car promising that we could come back again another time. The COSI party totally redeemed my faith in taking the kids on outings after the complete chaos at the zoo the day before. Even Nana and Papa were singing the praises of the day spent totally focused on teaching and encouraging the minds of our children. The smiles and giggles were priceless as we watched them really enjoy themselves.
While the photos captured the smiles and happy faces,

I hope that this is the first of many wonderful celebrations times three. I set the bar high with this party and now, I am sure I will have to live up to their expectations for future birthday celebrations. This week of parties and festivities was exactly as it should have been: FUN FOR THE KIDS. Okay, so yeah, I am exhausted. It is only temporary. The memories of the 3 turn 3 party will last a lifetime.

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Ellen said...

We had such a great time at the party! M, C & T are talking about it non-stop :) Thank you thank you - great photos, too!

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