Monday, October 20, 2008

Priorities- getting them straight

There are certain battles I will fight when it comes to the kids. Nutrition and dietary restrictions, ritual like bed/nap times, and consistent discipline are deal breakers for me. I stand firm on enforcing the LAW on those topics. I have to be strict given our family dynamic with multiples plus a bonus, a child with Celiac Disease and a Mommie who works outside the home 30 hours a week. I have to compromise somewhere in order to keep my sanity.

Let me show you in specific detail what would be a priority to some- a clean house. I will use our playroom as an example. Instead of micro-managing the toys and chaos, I allow the kids to reek total havoc in their space. The room starts and ends each day tidy,

but in between it is a friggin war zone. Anyone who pops by to say hello during normal "business" hours would be shocked that such adorable little children could make such an enormous mess.

You will notice that when Jeff left the room for two minutes to use the bathroom, the tribe of bandits dumped an entire bag of pirate booty on the floor,
and when I walked in and saw the carpet coated in white popcorn, I gasped and said, "What is this?" Natalie said, "Look Mommie, it snowed in here!"

Thank G-D a million times for Argenida our wonderful au pair. She actually prides herself in organizing the toys. Bless her heart she works so hard making sure all the puzzles, games, books, toys, stuffed animals and craft supplies have a proper storage system. Without her help I am not sure how we would keep it straight! Getting a room straight and getting priorities straight are two very different issues. Fortunately, I let the happy kids be my top priority and everything else just falls into place. I suppose some would agree that I have my priorities STRAIGHT! Keep this in mind when you dare to come over for a visit.

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