Monday, October 27, 2008

The Poop Talk

Until now I have been afraid to type this post...I do not want to jinx myself. I have three down one to go with regards to potty training. THE TRIPLETS ARE POTTY TRAINED! There. I said it. I put it out there, and surely they would not dare regress since I am blogging about having THREE toilet learned children. It has been two weeks tomorrow since we went cold turkey. No diapers during the day- only diapers at night- (because they are gated in their rooms and can't get up or out to use the bathroom.) Most mornings they are dry but I feel confident knowing they are diapered in their room.

Eli likes to read a magazine in the bathroom and he has just started asking for some "pry-base-ey". I have been keeping current issues of Parents Magazine near the toilet and he has been known to thumb through the pages with some interest. My weirdo clean freak kids love to wash their hands too, and this step stool is part of the routine! It is very fun to check out the restrooms when we are out and about. The best part of our field trips is seeing where they can go pee pee the potty. Washing and drying hands after using a public bathroom is the absolute highlight of the routine- there is new and different soap, faucets, paper towels, or better yet,
loud, wind blowing, hot air hand dryers. This is the ultimate HIGH of the potty experience for them. They often fight over who gets to push the button. Welcome to my world everyone!

So let's talk about poop, shall we? When you become a parent your tolerance of all things gross and poopy magnifies. When you have a child you get an instant heightened awareness of poop. The texture, the color, the scent, and all sensory aspects of bowel movements is up for discussion. Pretty much all the time. So when teaching triplets to poop in the potty there is some serious hilariousness that follows. Mostly from them, but in some extreme and rare cases, from the parents- (dripping with sarcasm). I heard myself the other day and I could not believe I said, "Ooooh Eli, that is a big daddy one!"

Take my conversations with each child as they sit atop the toilet waiting for the poop. I have heard it all my friends. Here are some of the gems from this week alone:

Eli: I am gonna poop now Mommie
Me: Okay good Eli
Eli: Ohhhh Mommie this is gonna be a big one- (grinning proudly)
Eli: I think it is stuck or maybe just being shy- c'mon poop I am nice don't be scared of me- don't be a shy poop!
Me: Hmmm, let's see what happens E, just push it a little bit
Eli: Look Mommie, I told you it would be a giant one, see, it is EEE-normous!

CJ: Mommie I gotta poop too
Cj: Not just pee this time, I have to poop again
Me; Good Job CJ I am so glad you are pooping the potty like a big boy
CJ: Yeah, I am like Mitchell now
Me: Ugh, yeah right, Mitchell poops in the potty
CJ: Calling for Mitchell loudly- "MITCHELL!!! LOOK Mitchell I pooped like you!"

Natalie: I don't have any poop. No poop Mom, Nope!
Me: Are you sure Neatums, you probably should try as long as you are here
Natalie: Okay Mommie but I don't....oh yeah, hmmmmm, (HUGE PLOP), nevermind
Natalie: I pooped in the potty Mom, you can dance now.

So with all this talk of poop I think Charlotte will be right behind the triplets, no pun intended. She follows them into the bathroom and is watching their every move. Do I get supermom bonus points if she is toilet learned before age two? Bring it on, I can handle the poop talk!

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