Saturday, October 4, 2008

A visit to our friends at the NICU

We went and visited our NICU team. We took treats, and we "fed the nurses" as Natalie bragged. To her it was like going to feed the ducks, only inside a hospital. Nurses eat chocolate chip cookies and we were loaded with enough for all the nurses and even some doctors and staff. The visit went perfectly and I believe the kids really understood that just three years ago it was their home. They scooched up a chair and peered into the windows pointing at the teenie tiny babies. "Awwww day are sweepin!"
"Look dat one has a binky!" "Dat baby is cute too Mommie!" We saw our neonatologist, Dr. Leondro Cordero who was in shock at his former patients, he could not believe it had been three years. I took a photo of all three NICU graduates posing beside their one day image and one year image which hangs in the NICU hallway. Three years, three babies who are now NICU alumni, where has the time gone?

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