Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Micro Preemies are THREE

Where has the time gone? Holy smokes- I have three, 3 year olds. I was talking with the triplets about their birthday and I asked them if they wanted to go to OSU and see where they were born. We could visit the nurses and doctors that helped them survive. I suggested we bring treats to the hospital. All three were so excited at the idea, so since today is their actual birthday we will honor the nurses of the NICU with some yummy snacks and silly smiles.

Until then, I have to gear myself up for the memories of the NICU. The sight and unique smell of it brings back some heavy duty tears and emotions. I can't believe how much it affects me to this day. Of course most of our nurses are still there so we get to check in with the actual people who made it all possible. They are miracle workers!

I am not sure how to explain just how fragile and small the babies were at birth and shortly afterward. Our NICU had a policy that micro preemies could be held by their parents once they weighed 1000 grams which is about 2 pounds, 4 ounces. I teased CJ's caregivers that I was going to put a roll of quarters in his diaper when they weren't looking so he would be big enough to hold! CJ was 10 days old and was tipping the scales at 780 grams- I had yet to really hold and snuggle him at all- only touching him from the holes in his isolette. Thankfully on day 11 the nurse on duty said, you guys have waited long enough- let's get him out so you can cuddle. I was bawling my eyes out as I held him for the first time- all 780 grams of his delicious little bod. I just looked at the conversion chart and 780 grams is one pound 14 ounces. He looks so big in the photographs because there is not anything in the isolette to provide a size of reference. These images are what makes it real to me now. I have taken some comparison shots of the actual items that were ours during that time. This is the first little knit undershirt CJ could even wear- it was big on him too. The matching hat was stretchy and it fit him perfectly- he was so incredibly baby bird like that I was scared to take photos of him, I thought I might jinx him. So that you can clearly see how small he was, this is the hat and shirt that I saved,
The hat as modeled by an apple next to a standard size Beanie Baby. The first diaper that was small enough for all the babies at birth is called the wee pee preemie diaper. It was roomy and all of them but could be tightened enough with the tab tapes. and here is what puts it all into reality, A healing hand from a NICU miracle worker. Happy Birthday to my micro preemies!
Stay tuned for updates later in the week- we have a non stop schedule of celebrations starting where it all started, at OSU hospital!

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