Friday, October 17, 2008

Our own Friday Night Lights

Most Jewish families think of Friday night lights as the shabbat candles all a glow. Rightfully so. At my house we are gluten free, so scratch the traditional Shabbat challah and add to the fact that our Mitchell's a Varsity Football player who has games on Friday night- Combined this makes our Friday Night lights take on a whole new and less Traditional Jewish meaning.

Mitchell constantly makes us proud on and off the field. Aside from being a devoted big brother and ghetto role model,(he has affectionately given all the younger ones rap star names) this guy is competitive on the field as well. As a sophmore he is playing both offense and defense on the varsity team which is outstanding. He will letter from Sophmore year on, G-d willing. Now if he could just bring his grades up we will be in business.

During a game last month a professional sports photographer took amazing still shots of Mitchell and his team.

These photos truly capture Mitchell's talent and skills. He looks mean and tough wearing his helmet, pads and jersey but finds time to high five the little kids when he is off the field for a sip of gatorade. His compassion for his weedle ones is totally sweet. This goes against everything about a stereotypical MEAN football dude. My favorite part of taking the siblings to watch their brother can be heard from the bleechers as Natalie, CJ and Eli shout- "Go, go, go #6- move those chains, go vikes and that's our brudder, hooray for Mitchell"

If you are a sports agent or college football scout and you want to know more about Mitchell Slutsky- you have come to the right blog. Join us for a variety of versions of The Silly Slutsky Family Friday Night Lights. I can't wait to have a real NFL jersey that has SLUTSKY on the back!

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