Monday, October 13, 2008

I am the Jewish Martha Stewart, OY, It's a good thing, right?

Good things are what life is all about and with Martha Stewart you get the freshest, prettiest, and most exceptional varieties of good things. In my case, I am self outing as the Jewish Martha Stewart- (Hereafter referred to as JMS) so while I have all the best intentions, sometimes my quest for perfection must be store bought, catered and or outsourced.
In preparing our home for the next Fall (Jewish) Harvest Holiday, Sukkot, I have grand plans for an elaborate outdoor sukkah on the deck. My Architectural Digest worthy version of the Sukkah features side panels with an ivy covered trellis, landscape lighting, BOSE stereo surround sound speakers and bench seating for 18. My carpenter skills are way shy of the skill needed for construction of a paper doll house so like the proper JMS, I plan to hire someone to craft my incredible outdoor project. Maybe I will give Sukkah Depot a try? Do you think Jeff will shit his pants when he gets back from Nashville and we have a "new addition" on the house? Now let me find a handyman who will work for Gluten Free baked goods- that will be a good thing.
As for the organic fruits that will hang from the vines and open lattice top ceiling, I did not grow the apples and pears myself,
but I did personally drive the kids to the orchard and I let them pick them. We did collect some amazing Fall leaves on our trip to the forest yesterday- and when laminated they will be a wallpaper for the side walls. Does Kinkos laminate? Am I taking my JMS theme too far? Still A Good thing? Oy!
Here are the photos of my own little JMS Pumpkin-fest 2008. Please notice that my children are color coordinated and themed for the occasion- Charlotte has on her special Fall themed top that sweet cousin Lillian gave her. I lined up the cute kids,

the various knives, the silpat covered cookie sheets and the Autumn embroidered dish towels so that we could savor our moment in photo perfection. I kept it simple though- a geometric carving of a happy faced jack-0-lantern, with a flat spot of the votice candle.

I had 6 small hands help me scoop the seeds which I then roasted for a tasty snack. I showed the triplets how to play mushy gushy goo with the pumpkin guts. Who needs play-doh when you can squish "punkin guts" on the kitchen counter. It was a good thing for about 10 minutes then it was a disgusting mess. The children had a blast and that was the best part. A good thing gone bad....uh, yeah, umhummm, perhaps?
So in all, I would say my JMS tendancies have sharpened since I started home preschooling and pinching pennies. It is cheaper to make everything from scratch and the lessons learned are valuable to the little brains. Saving money is not really a Martha Stewart trait but I get the frugal thing by adding the Jewish title before the name. Trust me, that part is a good thing.Oy Vay, now I must find an inexpensive Sukkah builder or I will be getting my cardio at Home Depot later and that I can assure you is NOT a good thing.

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