Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Holidays in and out of the Hood

We have had a busy few weeks of learing life lessons in and on the way to pre-school. Two Shabbats along with Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and their in-class triplet birthday festivities make for great photo opps and plenty of celebration.

My kids love everything about going to school but the highlight of their week is singing with Marc Rossio. The custom made tree of life is completed on the bulletin board in the hallway
at school and it is fun to see all the faces of the extended families. The holiday rug is a centerpiece of their classroom and every Friday Natalie points out the Challah and Shabbat area.
Every morning on the way to Temple Beth Chanel, we drive through Gahanna and by the airport. The kids love looking at the planes before the airport area disappears and the rougher neighborhood emerges. A few weeks ago when the weather was quite warm I was driving with the windows down, and I said- ooops, we are entering the "Hood" so I better roll up my window. Ever since that day, CJ proudly points out that we are in Gahanna first, then the airport, then the hood, then Bexley! Who needs a GPS system when there is CJ Slutsky? He's like Dora the Explorer with a friggin map from the backseat. Now his favorite geographical landmark is the seedier side of town, also known as the "hood". Today CJ said, "Oh look Mommie, we in da hood now! There are the train tracks and this means we in da hood!" I guess coming from a Pimp Daddy this is no surprise. I have to find some more appropriate road signs and milestones along our route so that we can have a politically correct ride to preschool at Temple Beth Chanel. For now I am just marveling in the joy of the New Year and all it has to offer us- holidays, hilarious stories and the promise of tomorrow. Peace out, dats rite and Word to your Mudd-ah.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, do you mean Whitehall? Is that a "hood" to you??? Well let me tell you that Whitehall is fine neighborhood, with good people and good schools. What an awful thing to teach your children. "The Hood".. but I guess what can you expect from a Jewish Princess living in New Albany. Geeze, Lady, get off your high horse. You ain't all that....

From someone who lives in the "Hood"...

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