Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boobs are like Martinis and other important lessons

I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful network of local friends who are also mothers of multiples. These women are funny, fashion forward and fabulous. The group of us gets together once a month for dinner and drinks- without our many children in tow. We are able to have a smart cocktail, discuss pooping in the potty and other earth shattering revelations, dine in a restaurant without high chairs so that we can just talk and generally enjoy the company of each other. We share tips and ideas on parenting while bonding with so much in common. I know that most people think moms of multiples are haggard and frumpy but not our glam group.

Last night we happily tivo-ed the Presidential debates and went out for some fishbowl margaritas and Mexican Food. When men walked by our sassy table they noticed our big margaritas and by margaritas I do mean our beverages, wink wink! Lisa was all Hollywood with some red patent leather peep toe stilletos and these incredible boot cut jeans that had red and silver beadwork on the back pockets, they were blinging her rear in a way that said check out my toned tush! Ellen was sporting a black top that was night club worthy. I let the "girls" speak for themselves in a retro Pucci Print dress with a low v-neckline. And speaking of breasts, I learned an important statement on the subject of cocktails: Martinis are like Boobs, one is not enough, and three is too many. So there you have it folks, words of wisdom from the glam mommie entourage. And in the style of that ass, John McKain, Party on MY FRIENDS!

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