Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baby-Gate the continuing saga

Kaput, finito, dead. The gate that keeps the family room sectioned off from the rest of the house is officially dead. Again. This is our second one. I guess it has had its' fair share of wear and tear (understatement). Thankfully after the first one shot craps I made a note to self to plaster the receipt on the memo board, just in case. Today we exchanged the broken gate for a new replacement.

We hauled our crew the grand opening of the new Babies R Us store.

We schlepped the dismantled and sad looking gate into the store. The customer service rep took one look at it and was mortified that we would even think to bring it back based on its' condition. Should I have removed the duct tape that was keeping in one piece? It appeared to be abused, and with 4 kids under 3 climbing it, hanging on it, and scaling it, Yeah, it was pretty sad. But I had my receipt! And I initially thought we were okay since it was within the 90 day money back guarantee time frame. Except that I did not calculate it right and we dared to bring it back to the store on the 91st day. A day late and a dollar short- oh well, shit happens. Of course the service desk was beside themselves, not sure how to handle such a serious infraction. After chatting it up with the store manager I played the triplet card. I never do it, but in the instance it seemed appropriate. Finally after some swift negotiations and a retail scolding about bring back merchandise, we flashed our drivers license so we will be flagged for future attempts to bring back the broken crap, and we left with our new replacement.
Let's see how long it will take to destroy this sucker, anyone wanna start a bracket with dates? Winner gets to exchange the gate next time, since I am probably banned from Babies R Us. I am sure they have my mug shot in the employee lounge- like the wanted signs at the post office. "Busted for Broken Baby-Gate" it says above my glam face.
We came home and installed the new prison wall. I promptly tacked the receipt to the memo board again, and I calendared 88 days out on my phone, so that I will be sure to make the next deadline. Sarah Palin has troopergate, and I, my friends, have babygate. We are both pathetic!

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Jeff Slutsky said...

I thought we were dead in the water when they wouldn't take the gate back. But Helene was brilliant. She immedately asked for the manager and told him that just wasn't acceptable. We're big customrs and the one day late thing is just not going to stand. Though its not the reason I married her, it certaily is a big bonus. Now if I can just get her to have Toyota replace my Mom's 01 Camry for a new one, it would be perfect.

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