Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sweet Saturday

In gearing up for Rosh Hashana, we made another trek to Lynd's orchard yesterday. Sweet New Years start with Sweet Apples! The kids LOVE going to the apple farm. We arrive early and let them snack on crunchy apples while they fill our wagon with a crop of delicious fruit.

I spent a good portion of this field trip trying to snap a photo of all three of the triplets together. All my attempts were for not. As you can imagine, getting them all to sit, look at the camera, and smile is pure torture for all of us. I usually have to take about 45 snaps to get one decent shot. And just when I gave up the notion of triplet photographic success I asked them all to go to the van. I finished picking a few more apples- when I looked over at them they gave me the best shots of all time!

Triplet siblings sharing apples on a sunny, sweet Saturday- these photos are proof that good things come to those who wait.

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