Monday, September 8, 2008

The Silly Slutsky Sock Game

Teaching toddlers to match up socks is a two fold experience. First, they learn how to coordinate the socks into pairs, looking for matching patterns, colors, and styles. If you have ever seen all the variations of patterned black socks that Jeff wears you would understand the challenge in this task. It ain't easy folks- you have never seen so many polka dots and herringbones that are similar yet slightly different. Secondly, they begin to understand that folding laundry takes time and it is nice to help Mommie. We started playing "the sock game" and it is so much fun. I dump out a basket full of clean socks and let them make them into sets. They sort them by color then pattern until they have made a match. I think it is an important attention to detail skill. They take such pride in their success. I wonder how long it will be before they realize that I am putting them to work?

Sometimes Daddy comes over to supervise and last night, his supervision lead to some crazy sock puppet shows, and goofy sock hats.

If you see Jeff and notice that his socks don't match quite right, take it up with Eli, CJ and Natalie.

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