Monday, September 22, 2008

Shout out for some Funky Mama Music & other KC favorites

There are some very specific shout outs that are completely blog worthy. The 50,000 word slide show from the trip does not do the activities and events justice, so in this additional post I want to personally recognize a few brilliant moments from our impromptu little trip.
My kids are now officially FUNKY MAMA Groupies!

We attended a small gathering style concert and the kids LOVED her- the best part was that our Aunt Nat bought us the newest CD called Moo Juice and now it is getting requested as soon as I start the van. FUNKY MAMA please! And if I do not promptly start the tunes, there is a louder and eventually louder demand for Funky Mama. What they are really trying to say is, "Play that Funky Mama Music White Woman!" The kids have got an opinion and their own unique taste in all things food and music, so here is your shout out for that funky mama music!

Waldo Pizza is now CJ's absolute "faborite". One bite of their Gluten Free pizza and the kid was hooked.

He was grinning from ear to ear and just beaming with pride as he proceeded to cram and enjoy 3 "dah-wish-us" slices before we placed the gluten free chocolate cupcakes on the table. The sheer look of joy was reason enough to make the trip more often, just for the amazing gluten free hot pizza and sweet treats.

Deanna Rose Farmstead is a kid hot spot in Overland Park, Kansas. Located right in heart of Cousin Lillian's hood, this place is heaven for toddlers and children.

Hands on fun with a farm theme- does it get any better than that? The kids could go there everyday and not be bored. The animal petting zoo, tractor rides, and playground excitement were a big time winner. I took way too many photos, in the attempt at the perfect kodak moment we all had a blast.

We also had a picnic lunch at Lilly Bee's posh preschool. It is the Kansas equivalent to Temple Beth Chanel and weather was perfect for dining alfresco on the snazzy playground.

If we ever moved to Kansas City, this is where my kids would go for sure....look at this outdoor amusement park. The place is a like Jew-a-palooza for children.

So in addition to seeing Grandma and a few friends we managed to cram a ton of stops along the way- it is hard to believe that Jeff and I were married 6 years ago. We work fast and we always manage to shout out for those who are in the know, and we Know! So sing along with me (and that funky mama)- Grandma's house is where it is at!

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