Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seeing everything through their eyes

This weekend we crammed just about as much activity as we could into our days. We even took the crew to see Mitchell play Varsity football on Friday Night. I decided that evening to try to see everything from the kids' perspective. I wanted to view and learn what they were seeing, so just for fun I spent the weekend documenting the backs of their heads so to speak. I was down at their vantage point, shooting photos of them and through the lens of my camera I was seeing life through their eyes.

At the game they were proudly cheering for #6, their big brother. They loved being part of the action! Go Vikes, Go Mitchell, Move those Chains! They were able to yell, stomp, ring cowbells and just get crazy- way into the dark night.
It helped that Academy was trampling the other team and there was plenty of action.

We spent all morning at the zoo today. The kids can't get enough of anything science and nature related. They soak it all in at every visit. Thanks to our animal rescuer pal, Diego, they know a lot of information about some obscure creatures.
The reptile exhibit was an all around favorite today. The snakes and turtles are right at toddler level and the windows are just big enough for them to get right up close and personal with their animal friends.

They all took turns petting the snake on display in the touch and feel window. I thought they would be frightened but they have no fear.

The turtles put on quite a show!

I believe we were witnessing some mating and reproduction moments. I thought they should have gotten a private room for some intimacy but nahhhh, they were just doin it turtle style right there in front of everyone. Eli said, awe that is cute- look mommie- those turtles are hugging. I sweetly replied, Yes Eli, you are correct, they are in love. We just left it at that and walked away while the other older kids were figuring out that hugging equals turtle sex.

As usual our four car choo choo wagon was a spectacle all on its own. People just can't seem to keep their thoughts to themselves when they see it. Today was no exception and I kept thinking about a tee shirt that our friend Larry Winget used to sell. The front of the shirt said, IT IS NOT THE HEAT, IT IS THE STUPIDITY. True words my friends. I was only mildly annoyed today when I overheard some idiot sporting a long ass mullet, and some nasty 1980's jean shorts. As he was pointing at our kids, he loudly yells- Look at that train of 4 rug rats, wonder how many beers their daddy drinks everynight? WTF? NICE! Really clever. The thing is, I was only mildly annoyed because I chose to see it from the eyes of my children, not the ears. And when I looked back at him to get a picture of him, I could not help but laugh out loud. Perhaps it was the toddler wisdom I learned or maybe it was just his killer mullet. Regardless, I had fun seeing it all through their eyes!

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Ann said...

Helene - that has to be THE WORST haircut (if you can call it that) that I have EVER seen. WT at it's best! We don't even have rednecks that bad in Texas!

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