Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Powerless to Nature

The wrath of hurricane Ike hit Columbus and the winds affected the powerlines to our home. The electricity went out on Saturday around noon, and by Sunday night we had lost all the freezer and fridge food, no a/c, no lights, no fans, no washer and dryer tv. BLAH!

By Monday morning Jeff said, if the power is not on by tonight, let's pack up and drive to KC. We can stay with your parents and sister and make something good from this. GENIUS. I report now via Nat and Rachelle's desktop, we made it. We drove all night on Monday and schlepped all the kids with us in the van. The drive would have been torture but since the kids were buckled up and it was night, they slept and they were fully rested and raring to go when we hit Nana and Papa's for breakfast yesterday. Jeff and I - not so much.

It is nice to be here but I just dread going back to the chaos and mess. I know that everything in our freezer will be melted and disgustingly ripe. I also will be sad to throw out all my hard work of batch cooking, and bargain shopping finds. The bottom line is this: no one was physically hurt and it is just a nuisance. The bright side is that we will be in KC for the Plaza Art Fair and our wedding anniversary. Stay tuned for all the cousin photo opps and stories of the KC road trip 2008.

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