Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary- a long overdue post for Jeff Slutsky

I have been trying to find time to put words on paper- or in this case, type on page to praise the wonderful man I married. Just for the record, he snagged me, but I gladly married him just over 6 years ago none the less.There are other mommie blogs out there that bitch and moan about the daddy figure, and I can assure you this is not one of them.

Jeff Slutsky is a saint. He puts up with my antics, hair-brained schemes and general mishigas. I am not sure I could have ever found someone more perfect for me. Since I was a personal shopper for Nordstrom, he trusts and lovingly accepts my fashion advice. He is often so stylish and trendy that people wonder if he is gay. I love pink and green and everything that is that Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach lifestyle. How many guys do you know that would wear this shirt? Don't worry, he still refuses to wear a sweater thrown around his shoulders like a true preppy, but gimme a few more years with him- he will get there. Jeff defines the word metrosexual and that is a bonus to me. Metrosexuals are cool- they are a microtrend and I am proud to have cultivated such perfection. Jeff wears and knows the difference between a daytime and an evening fragrance, he walks curbside, he opens doors like a gentleman and wears coordinating designer accessories. He is my partner in crime when we arrive at Neiman Marcus Last Call. I doubt very seriously that too many other straight guys can recite the labels that make me swoon. Although shopping and designer couture is not foreplay for him, he understands that it makes me weak in the knees. Let me publicly "OUT" him as the next best thing to a gay boyfriend. That is the highest compliment coming from a fashionista.

Here is a list of the little and not so little things he does to make my life easier:

Prepares kiddie breakfast daily
Empties Garbage
Sorts Recycling
Stocks Toilet Paper and changes rolls
Fills cars with Gas (except when it is free at Giant Eagle- then I do it)
Sweeps playroom floor before bed
Buys an inventory of light bulbs and changes them when needed
Fills the postage meter
Replaces the towels in the master bath
Gets up with crying babies during the night
Lets Charlotte snuggle between us- ummmm, delicious
Squee-gees the shower
Glam Mommie Girls Night out
Set up and manages the 529's

And yet this man still finds time to play with kids, compliment the mommie, and run a successful business. I admit that there are times when my patience is tested- I may snap to judge or not appreciate his warped and often cerebral sense of humor, but I always overlook the minor annoying traits because the good outweighs the bad in every instance.

Thank you to my wonderful husband- you have made me a very happy wife for 6 years and I love you.

the Queen

p.s.- I hope that all your ex-girlfriends see this post.

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