Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Stuff

We have the best alarm clocks in our home. Not always the most accurate, but timely none the less. We use the toddlers as our wake up call unless we have to be up at a precise time. Every morning we wake to the sound of little voices from down the hall. After they are released from the gated confines of their room, they like to come and snuggle in our BIG bed. We have the best chats first thing in the morning.

Today it was Eli's turn to give me the good stuff.

Eli: Scoot over Mommie I wanna Nuggle you.

Me: Okay Eli. C'mon over and get under the covers.

Eli: Mommie, what you smell like? (nuzzling into me)

Me: I smell like Mommie, what do you mean?

Eli: (sniffing around my neck and shoulders) No Mommie, what dat new smell?

Me: Oh, I took a bath last night before bedtime and I used some fancy lotion.

Eli: Hmmmm, I yike it, you smell like sunshine and rainbows.

Sorry but no other alarm clock and warm your heart like mine- it is an especially nice way to start your day. And, yeah, I do smell like sunshine and rainbows but don't tell the good folks at Dolce & Gabbana or they will change the formula on me.

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