Thursday, September 11, 2008

Giant Eagle Rocks My World - part two

As if saving money on groceries was not enough I feel obligated to sing the praises of Giant Eagle in another timely post. Looks like my next two full tanks of gas will be FREE, F-R-E-E Free. That is $120 plus that can be channeled into something besides my van. I may be able to talk Jeff into letting me get a facial or something equally as posh. Since I spent all of ten bucks on a pedi-egg a while back he fails to see the need for professional spa pedicures anymore.

My genius husband is just about as smart as I am, in a frugal, money saving way that is. He is not thrifty or cheap, he is just savvy, afterall, he is a street fighter! Giant Eagle sells gift cards to retailers for face value. A $50 Gift Card for Kohls or Macys, or Home Depot costs $50 and is worth fifty bucks at the named stores. Here is the kicker, you earn fuel perks on gift card purchases too, and this week it is double fuel perks on gift cards. Since we are in NON SPENDING MODE you might wonder why he bought enough gift cards to earn $6.50 per gallon discounts. (you can redeem 3.25 off per gallon in two seperate transactions) Jeff's office building is for sale- and in order to make it more marketable he is replacing the carpet on the second level. The carpet is being purchased and installed by Home Depot to the tune of about $700. Seeing an opportunity here, my man sent his assistant to stop at Giant Eagle and buy the Home Depot gift cards to use for the purchase of the carpet. Shazzam, I am so in love- this kind of thinking is a total turn on- almost as sexy as watching him unload the dishwasher. Almost. To take the hair-brained scheme just a smidge further, he paid for the gift cards with our Fidelity 529 Amex. This card earns us 2% on everything we buy in the form of a rebate into the kids' 529 college accounts. It is found money just waiting to be deposited.

Today was the feather in my GIANT EAGLE Cap- I mean royal crown. I discovered that since our trio is pretty much potty trained, they are eligible to spend up to two hours a day in the Eagles Nest playroom. I have to be in the store and carry a pager-walkie talkie thingy while they are supervised in a toy filled oasis. The room is a kiddie paradise- brio train table and trains, DVD's, a play kitchen, computers with CD ROM games and a doll house that is larger than life.

Not only does this allow me to shop there in peace; it is like free prechool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If I want to I can just drop them off in the Eagles Nest and buy a fancy coffee drink in the cafe. I can drink my hot coffee, sit there doing nothing, in the silence that is the grocery store. I could chat up my other Glam Mommie Entourage via cell phone, or better yet, have them meet me there. Worse case scenario: I can just sit there in the cafe and cut coupons, in the silence. BRILLIANT. I was racking my brain wondering what I would do with 3 three year olds on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I ran out of free field trips! SHHHH do not tell Jeff or I know he will have them in the Eagles Nest 5 days a week and get a refund from Temple Beth Chanel. Talk about a cost savings- shhhhhh, it is my secret, ok?
As you can tell Giant Eagle rocks my crazy world- what is not to love about free tanks of gasoline and free child care times THREE! I heart Giant Eagle!

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Your Husband said...

What do you mean you spent ten bucks on that egg shaped cheese grater. Busted!

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