Thursday, August 7, 2008


The triplets are on vacation. The remainder of the Slutsky crew is home. Yes, the trio is on a mini vacation without their parents. This is possible only because they are on summer break with Aaryn and the soon to be Dr. Hollander. How many parents get the opportunity to send their 3 almost 3 year olds on a vacation with an experienced nanny and her medically trained, mellow and easy-going husband? WE LOVE AARYN.

Aaryn and Ephraim

So the triplets are seeing the sights of South Bend, Indiana and are visiting The Rubin family- aka: Bubbie and Zayde. The choo choo wagon is burning up the pavement in another state. The ultimate field trip during our summer homeschool program! And as for the rest of us? We miss them all terribly and are doing what we can to pass the just hanging out in the family room watching anything BUT Noggin, drinking open cans of soda and leaving them on a table, and going out for leisurely meals of Sushi!

We picked up Evin at the airport yesterday and immediately started spoiling her before the toddler trio returns tomorrow and our crazy life is back to our sense of "normal." Ahem!

So if Aaryn ever offers to schlep your kids to visit her grandparents- THREE THUMBS up on the Slutsky rating scale. I highly recommend it. WE LOVE AARYN!

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