Monday, August 25, 2008

We are (land) LORD of the (fruit) FLIES

Ughhhh the madness... the one thing I love most about Summer is the ripe, juicy, plentiful variety of fresh fruit. The thing I despise about Summer are the fruit flies. Right now my kitchen is horribly infested with a zillion pesky fruit flies.

I have washed, dried and put away all fresh fruits and veggies. I myself have consumed almost an entire bottle of 2002 Cabarnet- saving a bit for the little appetizer tray dishes on my kitchen counters. While I was busy drowning my sorrows, so were some of my flying friends now floating in the Rodney Strong pool of death. I have clorox-ed all surfaces of counter space and the sink and I am still the Lord of the Flies.

Until the infestation improves we have a universal fruit hold-out, a ban on bananas and a boycot and apricots. Considering we eat over 60 pounds of fresh fruit a week this anti-fruit movement will have our colons paralyzed with non movements- if you hear know what I am saying.

I am thinking of putting this sign at the intersection in front of our house-

If anyone has any brilliant suggestions on how to rid my home of the all means- leave a comment below. Shy of a bug bomb or moving, I will try anything!

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Anonymous said...

Get some old fashiond sticky fly strips.


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