Friday, August 29, 2008

They are HELLIONS I tell you!

My children are so damn loving and personable. They melt your heart. Sadly, after dark, when the moon is out, they become HELLIONS. They are not werewolves....but close. It is like a change in behavior- day to night. Take last night for example. I was attending the parents' night of preschool at Temple Beth Chanel. I got home after 9:30 to find Jeff- mildly sedated and exhausted. The kids were in bed but were not asleep.

I went upstairs to re-tuck them in and get them settled when horror of horrors they had escaped the childproof confines of their room! (AGAIN!) This time the jailbreakers had moved a computer desk that had been bungy-corded in front of the gate to the bathroom. They scaled the extra tall gate (over 4 feet tall) and hoisted themselves onto the bathroom counter via the drawers which they used as step stools. Problem solving is so not an issue for these boys.

As I stood there paralyzed with utter amazement, I could smell the fruity shampoo that CJ was splishing and splashing in on the floor. He was wiggling in it like a slip and slide on the wood floor- which after I mopped it, had more volume and shine thanks to the entire ginormous bottle of BIG SEXY HAIR at $35. I should have blown dry the floor for more staying power, but alas, I used a beach towel to finish the job.

Both Eli and CJ were painting. With Nail Polish. On the cabinetry. CJ had eye liner pencil marks on his face and Eli was covered in some moisturizing potion. There was a schmear of cream on the drawers (handprint marks everywhere) and there was a nice dusting of baby powder sealing the goo to the countertops.

I made a short video to show you that despite my frown and obvious MAD tone of voice, these kids were totally proud of their work. Hearing their voices and seeing them in action put this into perspective. I am chosing to see the bright side here- I wanted this for them. I begged G-d to make them normal and healthy kids when they were in the NICU. I wished that I would be able to bring them home and marvel at them..... I marveled last night all right. I am living with some hellions, and I could not be happier! Watch out Temple Beth Chanel, the hellions are coming next week!

And where was Natalie you might ask? She was bossing the boys from the comfort of her bed. She was barking out orders and instructing them on what to pour and what to open next. But technically, she was still in bed like a "lady"

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