Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Home School for Triplets- final weekend

Well folks, I survived the first (last???) annual Summer Home School Triplets Program. I am still semi-sane enough to crank out a few blogs, take some decent photos and happily countdown the days until M-W-F of Temple Beth Chanel Preschool begins next week. It has been a perfect summer filled with spontaneous lessons, a bunch of planned activity and a few lazy days of just taking it easy. I think I can safely say that I accomplished my initial goal of just getting through each day without permanent injury, damage to any one's self esteem and keeping enough energy to repeat the daily curriculum and schedule until after Labor Day. I did it!

Today we transitioned the notion of changing seasons. Summer is almost over and Fall is starting to show itself to us in nature. I took the triplets to Lynd's Orchards this morning to pick Gala apples. They took to picking apples like professionals after a few simple instructions.

They loved it. They thought it was fun. We harvested 40 pounds of fruit in about an hour. This does not include all the "testing" done to check for flavor and juiciness.

I left our choo choo wagon on top of the crest of a small orchard hill so that we could use the orange, purple and green cars to contain the 20 pound bags. Initially this was purely for safety so that I could see all three people at any given time. I soon discovered that this was a genius set up. The kids would wander about a row or two, pick a few apples then come back to the wagon and drop off the goods. Over and over and over again. Up the short hill. After 30 some trips up hill they were showing signs of fatigue. I wore them out.

By 10:30 a.m. they were physically spent and I had 40 pounds of fresh Gala Apples. Operation successful in every way!

They were so tired that no one complained or even whined when I announced it was time to get in the van. On the drive home we talked about all the different things we could make with our new apples. There was talk to fruit pie, jam, applesauce and apples & honey. We decided to eat a few more just to be sure they were good. Final weekend of Home Schooling triplets- simple as Apple Pie!

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