Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Passion for Fashion- Bites Me

I subscribe to several fashion magazines. Always have, always will. I love everything about designers, textiles, clothing, couture and of course- accessories. The fashion bug bit me early on and still gnaws at me from time to time. While my lifestyle has changed over the last 5 years, my quest to be fashionable has not.

I would consider myself to be one of the practical diva mommies who treasures her good clothes and wears them when possible. I have an Hermes scarf designed with a set of triplets in Paris. I throw it on with a tee shirt and some fabulous wide leg slacks to add some pizzazz to my day to day style. I also have a fine assortment of schelppadicka schmatas for getting grungy with 4 slimy kids under three. Clearly I am not going to wear my boucle tweed Chanel jacket with boot cut jeans and Jimmy Choo boots while serving ketchup to toddlers- I am not an insane diva glam IDIOT!

My last couple issues of COOKIE accompanied me to the Cleveland Clinic - I had the time to spend reading them cover to cover. I read the advertisements, the articles, the fashion spreads- and I can relate to this magazine more than I can relate to VOGUE or W nowadays. Sad but true. Until I took a closer look at the Mommie models and the clothes featured in the articles.

Let me repeat, I have a real Passion for Fashion and I have an appreciation for clothing as an art form. This does not mean that I am nuts. I would be nuts if I wore the clothes featured in the fashion spreads of Cookie, while caring for my kids, walking along the surf holding a toddler, or just being a caregiver to an infant. For example, I thought it was ridiculous to show a glam momma diva holding a baby, standing in the low tide surf while wearing a silk shantung Prada daytime dress. Sure the bambino was adorable, and the dress- equally cute- but is it realistic to combine all of those elements in a $3800 frock? And I adore coordinating with the girls - not matchy matchy like the Von Trapp family, but just colors and styles that compliment not clash- but would I don an Alpaca and wool pink coat for $1250 while Natalie and Charlotte wear a similiar jacket for $250 a piece, NOT. I loved the look of the fashion dressing section for Fall- Hepburn jacket and pant for a feminine menswear inspiration- but suggesting 6 different leather topper options was cruel- especially since the average price of their faves was over $700. When you see me schelpping into Costco with my 4 kids I can honestly say I will not be in a leather jacket of that calliber- sorry to disappoint.

The pages of Town & Country featured the annual 45 MUST HAVES for Fall 2008. Since this magazine appeals to us Suburban Mommies too, I felt obliged to make a mental note of what they recommend for this season. I was shocked and in horror at the choices- mainly because this is the first time I have coveted the goods and then compared the retail price to a year of preschool, or an aupair for 6 months- or my grocery budget for a year. Am I that out of the fashion ballgame? Holy smokes folks- The Missoni boxy wool fleece jacket is $2935 and the Gucci Mongolian Lamb pea coat is $4975-while the wide leg pants ala Ms. Hepburn run $890 from Escada. So I guess I will stay clad in the must haves from the last decade...so much for staying current.

Looks like I need to bite the fashion bug back- right in the COOKIE!

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