Saturday, August 16, 2008

Multiple Multiples- My Three Help Five Celebrate 5

It is not every day you get invited to help 5 kids celebrate their 5th Birthday. I am not talking about a kindergarten classroom, I am referring to the Sweeney Quintuplets, who are turning five this week.

My three could not wait to go to the birthday party. Natalie was stoked because there would be party hats and balloons. Eli was all about having cake and CJ was so sited (CJ speak for excited) to see presents. I was not sure he understood that the presents weren't for him, but whatever.

We arrived at the party and my kids were in heaven- instantly. There was a beautiful swing set, a craft table where the kids were decorating visors with stickers, and a face painter. The juggling jester like clown arrived later and my kids were less than thrilled with his act- Eli said he liked watching the Lympics better, the kid totally cracks me up!

The party was rockin but we left early to spend time with Cindy Kubica who was driving up after keynoting in Cincinnati. She suggested that she was bringing Mommie some housewarming gifts from her favorite client, Pure Romance- I had never heard of them until Cindy lovingly gave me the 4-1-1. So suffice it to say, they are like the tupperware of adult novelty toys, and since the Party favors at the Sweeneys were for kids- we did not want to be rude.

So speaking of multiples...

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