Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just a normal Saturday at the Slutskys

We woke this morning anxious to get the newspaper. Our very own star football athlete, Mitchell Slutsky was mentioned in the Columbus Dispatch for his varsity performance last night. Two touchdowns and an interception. Way to throw Mitchell. Vikes win 45-0!!! Not bad for only being 5"10", 170 lbs- or so the paper reported, anyhow.

The day continued with a full schedule of fun. A costco run, naps, playing on the deck, and going to feed the fish in the pond. We concluded our Saturday with a white trash tradition, bathing the kids with the hose in the front yard.

Our neighbors are accustomed to our "washing the youngins outside" practice and they hardly ever stare anymore.

Once we got the kids into their new pajamas we stopped for just long enough to take these photos.

Then we played a new game called, "How to scare a babysitter away in less than 5 minutes." The kids were WILD, WILD, WILD and they quickly impressed Evin with all their crazy imitations, two year old tricks and LOUD noises.

CJ was stomping around like a dinosaur,

Eli and Natalie were taking turns playing with Charlotte, sometimes a little too rough, other times sweet as can be,

Somehow they all survived and all the littles were winding down fast. Just a typical jam packed Saturday round here. Sunday anyone?

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