Sunday, August 24, 2008

It is Sunday- We are Jewish- We eat Chinese Food

The title says it all....

Tonight was our favorite local Chinese restaurant, Panda House near Polaris. The owners are clients of Uncle Howard and we always get the best treatment. They make a special gluten free meal for CJ and he gobbles it up with a soup spoon! It is his "fabor-ite" with rice. Natalie and Eli eat anything we serve them as long as they get Plum sauce for dipping. The sesame chicken
and beef with fresh broccolini,
are so good you could plotz. Panda House is worthy- which is why we took Evin out for her last Slutsky Sunday before she heads back to Virginia Beach. Wahhhhh can you hear me crying in my rice and green tea? Shalom!

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Jessica said...

YUMMMMMM. That looks so good!

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