Friday, August 1, 2008

It is all about Charlotte

A while ago, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a blog to each child and their amazing personalities. Today it is Charlotte's turn!

This incredible little Miss is 13 months old, STILL A BABY, but she is walking and talking and expressing herself quite well. She has the softest curly hair and a giggle that is infectious.

Here is a short list of her newest words:
No No No
Uppie, (with arms raised to be picked up)

The girl loves to eat and has very little problem chewing everything despite the fact that she only has two bottom teeth that have barely poked through her gums. Seriously, when she smiles you can't even see her bottom stubs, but if you run your finger across, there are some razor like teeth protruding, for sure.

Charlotte gives hugs and kisses by request. She embraces you with both arms around your neck and she plants those soft, baby kisses. It is quite possibly the sweetest feeling in the world. Better than champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, better than Jimmy Choo at 75% off, and dare I say, better than sleeping naked on 1000 thread count Pratesi sheets- and I mean Sleeping-- like for 6 hours uninterrupted, not that I can recall that memory lately, but regardless- her kisses are PERFECTION!

Here are some of my most favorite recent photos of Charlotte:

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