Sunday, August 10, 2008

How to Jam Pack a Weekend- Slutsky Style

It seems that lately we have been out and about more than we are staying home. The logic behind our escape from the house is really quite simple. The kids thrive on being stimulated and exposed to the outside world. They enjoy seeing and doing. When we stay home and they are confined to the playroom or our yard they get bored easily, and when they are bored they get into mischief, which in turn causes them to get into trouble. Leaving the house and getting out there prevents all of us from getting on each others' nerves.
Long story short: Get out and Do. And we do. The slide show called SUMMER FUN is a glimpse in how to jam pack a weekend- and since it is only Sunday afternoon as I type, I will probably have to edit this post to add more pictures and information later. So be it. Bring it on actually, I welcome the adventure.

Since this weekend was the kick off for the XXIX Summer Olympics in China, we allowed the kids to watch some of the competitions. They really enjoyed the gymnastics and when the coverage went to commerical break, we saw the following acts right in our own living room! Future tumblers? Probably not. And since the two year old minds are ripe for seeing then doing in a mimicing manner, NOTE TO SELF: tivo the boxing events and censor all other violent or dangerous sports to prevent danger. Click to view the video here, and you will see what I mean?

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