Saturday, August 16, 2008

Costco Checks and Conair Cuts

As you can imagine most of our montly groceries and paper goods are purchased in quantity at Costco. Our family of 9 spends as much as a mortgage payment there every month. We are executive members of our beloved Costco and we earn a 2% cash rebate on all our annual spending. That little bonus is a nice surprise every year. This is a copy of our check-
right before I cashed it and bought at Conair Barbery Buzzer for boy haircuts.I figured one round of cuts would pay for the clipper, and after that I will be money ahead! This is what happens when Mommie cuts their hair...good from the front, but bad, very bad in the back.Poor Eli was my first victim, and I did not have the blade adjusted correctly- so he got a patch or two that will need some time to grow out. CJ faired much better and the #4 all around perfected his cute curlies.

After our driveway beauty session (hack job?) the boys were quite content to play with their shadows. They were really entertained by the ability to have the shadow follow them.
Too bad you don't see the botch job only in the shadow. instead, the shadow looks perfect and his head is a bit gnarly. Good thing it will have time to grow our before school pictures.

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