Monday, July 14, 2008

Sunday Slutsky Suppers

I am in a bloggers quandry. Do I talk about the kids, the food or the fun? In my case last night gave me reason to photograph all three and summarize the evening ala my blog.
Marc and Edye hosted a Sunday Supper. In Kansas City we would call this a real BBQ. You see here in Columbus when people host a dinner and they GRILL the food, they call it a barbeque. That is just Wrong, Wrong, W-R-O-N-G! BBQ is smoked, BBQ is slow cooked, BBQ is rarely grilled- it is crafted in a pit and it is succulent. Last night Marc had a Sunday night KC worthy Barbeque. He served Brisket. And it was as a brisket should be- moist, tender, mouth watering and flavorful before you even think about adding sauce. It was blog worthy.

There were amazing side items and salads too, but the roasted and grilled portabellas with fresh mozzerella and tomato relish were especially worth mentioning. The photo was taken before the cheese melted and got gooey- and YES, they tasted even better than they looked.I could go on and on and on about the food, it was that GOOD. But wait! There were Slutsky kids there too, and when they are this freaking sweet, I should show them, right? I mean look at Jack's baby blues, and Connor's red curlies- These are some adorable people. Seriously, we make them cute! It is really a treat to get all the cousins together nowadays. They play, the react to each other and they talk. This is what cousins are for- the entertainment! I was trying to monitor the kids and keep them from ruining Marc and Edye's backyard fountain, or worse yet, drowning in it.

I was multi-tasking all the various ball games, and I was shoving huge heaping hunks of brisket in my mouth in between referee-ing our three, two- year olds. Ahhhh- a summer backyard BBQ...this is what Sundays are all about, Slutsky Style!

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