Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Lovin- Loving the Summer

Since it is summer and the days are LONG- we have started taking walks after dinner. We load up the choo choo wagon and walk to the neighborhood playground. Along the way we get to stop and visit with the neighbors, see some furry friends like Nelly Lou Rajczyk and recruit her people to come with us to the park.

Last night was a spectacular evening. The "two J's" from the neighborhood were back from Sleep away camp and they went with us to invade the swingset and playground. The kids adore these girls. The triplets want to drive by their houses, see if they are home, ask them to "Come wiff us" and genuinely just love the attention they get from two lovely teen-age girls.

It was like having two extra physical therapists and photography assistants tag along. I was loving it too. The kids even boycotted riding home in the wagon and they insisted on driving it, so they did. The pushing and pulling of the wagon was what iced the cake on the night.

Ahhhh Summer- the sun slowly set as the kids were all too ready to finally call it a day. We walked all the way home as it started to get dark. Eli kept saying," C'mon Mommie we hurry up, it getting dark, I see the moon, it almost night, Hurry guys, C'mon guys, it late. We go home now, see it is dark, Mommie!" So we called it a day and now we recall all this summer lovin!

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