Thursday, July 10, 2008

Silly Storytelling and Silly Songs

My kids get a wide variety of music in their daily diet of tunes. Mitchell and Amanda listen to some Pop Rappish Hip Hop, Argenida listens to Latin Hip Hop and Mommie likes Sade and Steely Dan- then there is the Daddy- he likes Frankie Vallie because he is a geeky dinosaur . If Barney and Frankie Vallie cut a new album together Daddy would be a roadie on tour. So given the influences on the little people my kids enjoy a plethora of sound. Today we went to story and song time at the library. The kids got a dose of classical children's music- and they love that too.

Let's face it- they were happy and they knew it. Another field trip well accomplished I must say.

In addition to juvenille song singing there was about 20 minutes of toddler friendly storytelling. I have to confess it is good for my "class" to hear another teacher's voice and vision. Everyone has their own idea of how and what to teach, so I was glad to see my kids were being exposed to different materials. Today they read a few books about bedtime- which as you know is a hot topic at our house. Perhaps I should quit reading them my favorite nursery rhymes from THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO PRADA and start reading subliminal messages about sleeping and staying in bed....hmmmm. Point well taken.

So Mommie learned a valuable lesson today too, this homeschool summer program has room for improvement. The curriculum is being amended to include more silly songs and stories about current toddler subjects in addition to Fables about Fendi, Paragraphs on Pucci and Verses of Versace.

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