Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Partners In Crime

See these cute triplets? They sure look innocent enough in the daylight. What you can't fathom is how incredibly sneaky and destructive they are after dark. They act like a team of bandits when the sun sets. Dr. Jekyls and Ms. Hyde I tell you.

Last night it took the boys what seemed like a long time to settle in to their firetruck beds. Once it was quiet in their room Jeff, Argenida and I put a dvd in and started to watch The Thomas Crown Affair. There is nothing like a glass of Fume Blanc and little Pierce Brosnan to get Mommie relaxed and ready to face another day of homeschooling summer camp!

About 20 minutes into the show it started raining from my celing over the kitchen. Pouring water from the heavens. Not drip, drip, drip- more like a spa showerhead spewing beams of massaging water- instead of relaxing with aromatherapy gel it was pounding down from the ceiling onto the kitchen tile. We quickly ran up to the hallway bathroom and discovered that our duo of boys had commando crawled underneath a computer desk, over a baby gate and into the bathroom. They were both sitting up on the counter as the water poured down the cabinets onto the wood floor, where it was pooling about TWO INCHES deep.

CJ was the most proud- he was beaming with a sense of accomplishment- LOOK MOMMIE, WE MADE A MESS! These handsome hellions stuffed wads of toilet paper down the sink drain to plug it up, then ran the water to make a fountain. We shook our heads in disbelief, cleaned it up and went to get help with damage control in the kitchen. Argenida was gracious enough to get the boys to sleep so we could dry out the ceiling, mop, and attempt to barricade the bathroom to prevent more flooding in the future.

So when you look at my adorable family, keep in mind what you see is not always what you get. Often the triplets look like they are part of an elite club where they share experiences, get to be color coordinated for added cuteness and have the ability to draw a crowd in public....but at home, they are just partners in crime. Last night, two of the three were BUSTED and are now under house arrest! They are up for parole in approximately 16 years or when Mommie gets to finish seeing Pierce Brosnan naked!

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