Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Clean Fun- for Mommie(?)

Last night after the kids had sufficiently colored themselves (and various pieces of paper) with markers we had dinner followed by a mud-bath. Not the old fashioned, dig a hole outside kind either. This was civilized and spa like. Right in the comfort of Mommie's jacuzzi tub.
I bought myself some
FANGO MUD by Borghese It was a retro indulgence because back in the days of being single, footloose and fancy free, Mommie had time to do crazy stunts like exfoliate in the shower and lay around reading gossip magazines while waiting for the Fango mud mask to harden and rejuvinate her dehydrated face. Mommie's glam friend, Michelle Giele used to do the same thing, it was FUN! Good Clean Fun! I guess I was delusional in thinking that if I bought a huge tube of Fango Mud again, I would actually find time to use it as intended. As it sat in the bathroom staring at me (unopened) I got the brilliant notion that maybe the kids would like to enjoy a mud-bath?

I filled the big tub with warm water and four small tushies. I smeared them all with the rich, dark green Fango Mud Mask from head to tummy and I let them play around.

They thought it was funny. They did not immerse themselves in the spa experience at all. They just continued pouring water from empty bottle to bottle as if that was supposed to be a good time. My kids had the audacity to mock me by winding up a plastic frog and sea turtle watching them splash around in the water, calling that fun. I educated them on the finer points of taking a mud bath- like drawing on your slathered skin using your fingernail. I let them make squiggles in the mud on each others backs. Not interested. Did these kids not understand the importance of having clean unclogged pores and invigorated skin? Oh yeah, note to self, they have that automatically- hmmmmm, perhaps this is why they could have given a rats' ass about Fango Mud!

So this Queen capped up the orange tube of Fango mud and tucked it neatly into the overnight travel case. It is no longer sitting there on the counter reminding me of the past. I vow that during my next vacation- away from Mommieville, I will grab a current copy of some mindless magazine, spackle my face and decollete with mud and I will have some GOOD CLEAN FUN!


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