Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gluten Free Good Times- explained

With all the media attention to going gluten free, some of our friends have expressed a genuine interest in how we are able to feed our family with this lifestyle. It is really about choices. Just like keeping kosher, being a vegan, eating low-fat for weight watchers, or doing an extreme diet like Atkins you learn what you can eat, you read labels and you adapt. Going Gluten Free for us was not a choice it was an absolute necessity. I liken it to finding out you are diabetic and making sugar free adjustments to your diet. Without eating the proper way, you face consequences, and those are consequences CJ simply can not make. Ever.

So instead of making a list of what he/we Can't eat we do the opposite, we embrace all the glorious gluten free items and we build a meal around the freshest, healthiest choices. By focusing on the CAN EAT we create some pretty nice meals for ourselves. As a helpful hint, we keep an ongoing list of things on hand that make it easy to prep something on the fly, pack a picnic and embellish from the pantry. This allows us to grab and go just like the rest of the world. Going gluten free is simple once you understand it. I should also mention as an aside that in addition to being glutenless, we are also prohibiting Red Dye #40 for the evil it is. I could go on and on about the poison labeled as Red Dye # 40 but suffice it to say that when you start really reading labels you will find that red dye #40 is added to about all pre-packaged food and processed meals and drinks. Keeping a gluten free, red dye free household is all about knowledge, but keeping a child on that diet outside the home is a discipline issue that is more centered around education. Our kids readily say, "no wheat, no bun, no dye-" and it is pretty enlightening to hear from a two year old. If they can do it with a little coaching it can't be that difficult.

I have been marveling at the choices we have this summer. So far this week we have dined on the freshest produce- remember those big honking black raspberries we picked last week? Last week they were snacked on like popcorn and candy, and the kids faces were dripping with raspberry juice? Remember the stained fingers and shirts? (I do!) This week those berries are jam spread on Gluten Free Belgium waffles. The kids think it is so cool to eat what they just harvested and helped me prepare. There is an intense satisfaction in it- not on a Martha Stewart level, but close. So I guess I am somewhere between Michelle Duggar and Martha Stewart- only a Jewish Princessy version with fashionable high heel sandals and big black, designer sunglasses. And a quad stroller. Oy vay already!

So for those of you looking to be motivated or inspired, here is a short list of the (da-wish-us) things we have eaten recently. Honestly, look at this menu and tell me that Gluten Free is boring. When doing Gluten Free tastes this good you just never look back and wonder what you are missing. To quote CJ these foods are YUMMY TUMMY DA-WISH-US!

  • Gluten Free pancakes with macadamia nut butter drizzle and real maple syrup

  • Grilled Pineapple with toasted coconut flakes

  • Brown Rice Penne Pasta tossed with fresh Basil Pesto and cherry tomatoes plunked off the vine 30 seconds ago

  • Roasted baby Yukon Gold potatoes sliced open with a drizzle of garlic olive oil and sprinkled with Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

  • Zucchini latkes

  • Summer veggies and hummus as dip

  • Blue Corn tortilla chips layered with black bean dip, pico de gallo, fresh mashed guacamole and lime juice

  • Fresh fruit smoothies- green goodness and a frozen banana blended with crushed ice

  • Mango Rice pudding with almond slivers and orange blossom honey

  • Layered fruit parfait with sorbet

  • Dr Praegers Sweet Potatoe or Broccoli littles

  • Stuffed portabella mushrooms

  • Greek Salad of Romaine, Kalamata olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, oregano, dill, feta and lemon olive oil dressing

  • Baby spinach, sliced strawberries with red onion slices, pine nuts, & poppy seed dressing

  • Grilled Kabobs with Tazaki dipping sauce

  • Ian's potatoe alphabet tots and super tots

  • Wild Red Salmon fillets with Bernaise sauce

  • Brown Rice Ravioli filled with mushrooms and spinach- dipped in marinara

  • Broccoli rice Casserole topped with crunchy corn flakes

  • Gluten Free Chicken nuggets and honey mustard

  • Twice Baked Potatoes

  • Seedless watermelon chunks

  • and of seen here, CORN ON THE COB!

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