Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The fruit of my labor

WOW! I have found a great way to put my kids to work. If I call it a field trip (literally) it is not violating child labor laws(?) and since I am technically a teacher there has to be some kind of loophole, right? Let's face it when it comes to picking black raspberries, you need small delicate fingers and the ability to get low to the ground....the ideal job for three busy two year olds! Field trip to the raspberry farm... BINGO!

We schlepped out to Plain City, Ohio about 40 minutes from our house and arrived at Mitchell's Raspberry farm at 9:00 a.m. The weather was sublime- sunny and cool and the crops were at their peak for plentiful berries. These are not red raspberries, they are a limited season of BLACK raspberries. They are beautiful and so incredibly tender. The kids got a quick lesson on how to pick and they promptly instructed everyone else that you only take the black ones, because red means not ready. The owners told my crew that it is perfectly okay to sample as you take them from the vines. (Note to Eli, you can eat them while working) My kids listened too well on that direction- as shown here:
I was worried that I would end up chasing children in three different directions through the fruit filled fields but amazingly they all were so busy working that they did not realize this could be the ultimate jail break from Mommie. They were so proud of their talents that we ended up going back to the farmhouse to get more empty baskets.

We picked for over an hour and harvested over 10 pounds of these sweeties. Do you know the "street value" of 10 pounds of freshly picked Black Raspberries? I bet you would pay 150 bucks or MORE at Whole Foods- seriously, since a half pint is like $7- I have a little gold mine with my triplet berry pluckers!

The best part of taking a farm field trip is that the fruits of our labor (pun intended) are seen in the smiling faces both in the field and when they enjoy my recipes later!

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