Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cultural Care (Dance) Influence

We have had aupairs going on two plus years now. The Cultural Care experience has been ideal for our family dynamic. Our children get to bond with a lovely caregiver from a different cultural background. We get hands on, live-in help with the flexibility of hours to cover our crazy schedules. We make friends with new people that become family. With Yolanda the babies got South African dance, exposure to hearing Zulu, and they learned to really laugh, or should I say it here as they heard it from Yo, {in the Queen's English,} LOFF. Now that Argenida is oozing Panamanian Latina heritage, the kids are practically bi-lingual, si si- gracias, and they have a real LOVE of the latin music sound. Aye Pappie!
Thanks to Yo and Argenida our children are growing up tolerant of other cultures and they are learning more than they would at the local day care center- way more. And then some. Do they teach Latin Hip Hop dance lessons at neighborhood KinderCare? I don't think so.
You can click the buttons to watch our little VIDEO dance party right below this post- They are listening to FUEGO music on XM radio through the television, and even Charlotte gets her groove on! Move over Ricky Martin, Calebito is in da house, and he brings his hermano LIL' Willy big pimpin- so, you better watch out J-Lo, we got us an up an coming CHAR-LO! Aye Pappie- Adios!

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