Friday, July 25, 2008


With Mary Carmen visiting and the July weather cooperating, we headed to the Columbus Zoo yesterday for a day of science and biology. This summer camp homeschool thing is a piece of cake but remind me of how tired I am next year when I consider this. We are having a blast but the days are L-O-N-G and the weeks go by so fast.

Our 4 car choo choo wagon schlepped from one end of the zoo to the other and I snapped all kinds of photos- there was even a special Panamanian Golden Frog exhibit- how timely with my two Panamanian divas along for the ride.

Look at these beautiful Latinas
Natalie was fascinated by the snake and wanted to get out of the wagon to take a closer look and touch it.

This is my new favorite photo of me holding the triplets!
Ridiculously Cute isn't she?
Seriously... I don't know where she gets it????

The animals put on quite a show for us, right at two year old viewing level too!
The penguins were performing too, and Natalie was sure to reference their HAPPY FEET!
I could write volumes about all the animal exhibits and things the kids absorbed and retained. They are sponges I tell you- and they remember it all. The 4 story jungle jim playspace was a hit too, and despite his small size, fearless CJ was climbing and manuevering through the entire structure. I was nervous that he would manage to get to the top and then be too scared to slide or climb back down. WRONG! The kid would not quit playing- everytime I suggested we get back in the choo choo wagon to see more animals, he said, One more minute 20 times. It was so friggin cute I let him play way longer than planned and hoped that this would count as two physical therapy sessions and guarantee an early bedtime from exhaustion.

The most fun for me was watching another mom in the food court. I could not help myself. I know I am a total bitch. She commanded my undivided stares, so I will explain. This was prissy-stuck up mommie with her husband and one child in tow. Who wears an Ann Taylor linen sundress and full make up to the zoo? Let's face it, I am card carrying member of the glam mommie club and I did not even get that faputzed. I scaled it way down to just mascara, sunscreen, lip balm and a fierce Eric Javitz raffia hat with a tee and capris.

I would guess that her son was about 13-14 months old. YES, one toddler. I am not a supermom, far from it really, but when you are carting around 4 kids born with 19 months of each other you make some drastic decisions and you re-prioritize. You do what you gotta do-Yeah, I usually wipe the table if they are eating directly on it, and I almost always wash their hands before a meal. I protect my kids from danger and harm the best I can and I understand that no matter how hard you try, they are going to touch germs and skin a knee once in a while. That is life.

I got some twisted sense of entertainment while viewing this one woman make such a spectacle of herself in front of all the grungy, sweaty, tired, and hungry zoo patrons in the food court. It took her forever to select a table and when she did it was right next to ours.

I was like a deer in the headlights because she was micro-managing every aspect of this lunch. I watched as she rifled through her cutesy over organized Vera Bradley*** Peacock print diaper bag, she pulled out all the matching accessories- sunglass case, make up bag, cell phone holder and finally she found her small zippered pouch with the cleaning supplies. I proceeded to observe as she sanitized the entire table with some kind of green goo and antibacterial Clorox wipes. Her husband just stood there patiently waiting as if this was necessary and normal. She scrubbed that table like a pro, and I started giggling inside when she wiped down the legs of the table too. Who wipes the legs of a table in the food court? Then she motioned for her puppet, ooops, I mean husband, to fetch her a high chair from the corner. She examined it thoroughly from top to bottom then snubbed that particular unit, and made him exchange it for another. The second high chair then got a proper disinfecting treatment as well. Now she has been standing there prepping her table and high chair for more than 15 minutes. The husband finally grows a set, and announces that he is leaving to stand in line for food and he hands off the small child to ultra clean and perky mommie.

Realizing that she can't finish the drying of the table with a child in her arms she gingerly stands the kid up right next to her. I was thinking that even if I had only one child, and I had a unlimited resource of time, I would not go to such extremes. Whatever.

As she was rearranging the seating configuration to make room for the high chair at the table, I noticed that her small guy was bent over onto the concrete floor. It looked like he was bending down to pick something up, but he was just crouching down. Then, he proceeded to lick the cement floor. A full on tongue lap. Like a dog licking peanut butter- it was a huge swipe of tongue on food court floor. It was truly priceless, ahem, I mean disgusting. I could not stop laughing inside. I have not had that much fun in a long, long, time. She spent all that time and energy cleaning and the kid licks the floor. Hilarious. Typical.

Don't flame me but I am still smiling just thinking about it.

****** p.s.- I have nothing against Vera Bradley or her quilted bags, in fact they, like some other very special things are/were made in Fort Wayne, Indiana. wink wink!

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Annie said...

OMG-that is HYSTERICAL!!!!! He licked the floor-priceless! :)

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