Sunday, July 6, 2008

America's Birthday weekend-aka:The Fourth of July

Since my kids can't comprehend the meaning of Fourth of July, we spent the holiday weekend celebrating America's birthday. That they understood. Party hats and cake, that meant Feliz Cumpleanos America, as Argenida was saying. Our long weekend was spent entertaining friends and doing summertime activities as seen in the photos.
We went to the pond and fed our fish friends, went to the Cowboy Restaurant for an American Steak Dinner,

took a long walk in the neighborhood, went to Costco, and saw the New Albany tax payers money put to good use in an amazing fireworks display.

We were lucky enough to have an overnight guest visit from our KC pal John Opel. We even went out on a triple date with two other couples-My favorite friend Mrs "R" looked like a movie star. Of course her hair was perfect! Note to self: Get hair professionally blown out- it makes the difference between looking good and looking drop-dead "fucking-a" amazing! It was a civilized Italian trendy scene and dinner meal with not a chicken nugget in sight at Due Amici! There were cocktails and conversation that excluded topics like Little Bear and Diego. We ended the delightful evening with a stop at the latest hot spot for ice cream, Jeni's- OMG...orgasmic gourmet flavors and the hippest scene for frozen dessert. I chose Maker's Mark Bourbon Butter Pecan but you should know I had to sample about 3 flavors before deciding. You know the evening was spectacular because I forgot to take a single photograph. Grrrr...I got totally fapootzed (dressed) wore make-up and sported my all time highest 6 inch Gucci Platform wedge sandals... I did not get a snap and a flash of any of it. The scene of my crime goes undocumented. I am so bummed- believe me between my shoes and Mrs. "R"'s hair we were a glam enterouge!

Since I am still picking up the pieces from the fiasco with dropped services from the FCBMRDD, today I took the kids for my version of Physical Therapy. This particular playspace has really steep steps and a wobbly bridge to climb and cross. It worked their leg muscles and coordination like a charm.

Additional Note to self: Physical Therapist can be added to my job description along with bus driver, cook, maid, teacher, nurse, and blogger-photographer. I spent the aftenoon making a really nice Sunday family dinner of this beautiful bright red Wild Salmon fillet with Bernaise, spinach and shrimp stuffed mushrooms and baked potatoes
...followed by more ice cream on the deck.

We had a great time just celebrating the Fourth of July at our own pace. It was the most fun sharing our country's birthday with Argenida- because she is the most patriotic Panamanian when it comes to throwing a FELIZ CUMPLEANOS FIESTA for America!

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