Friday, June 27, 2008

We're Homeschooling this Summer

I have decided to home school our own little bunch for the summer. I have grand plans of the places we'll go, the field trips we will take and the lessons we will learn. I have the energy (thanks METABOLIFE!) so why not spend the summer homeschooling them? I can do it- afterall, you should see some of the whack-jobs that are homeschooling- if they can do it, so can I!

Have no fear my friends, I will never EVER aspire to be like Michelle Duggar, making their modest clothes by hand, teaching scriptures and wearing my hair starched with Aqua Net. No wholesome swimwear for this homeschooling mama slash teacher! We won't end up there. No, no, no, you see this is a temporary back up solution now that we have been formally ousted from the FCBMRDD preschool summer camp. I want to just spend the summer with my kids doing what they were supposed to do otherwise- ONLY BETTER!

Today was our first day of arts and crafts. Thankfully Crayola makes these bright markers that are truly washable. My little Jackson Pollacks are hard at work:

Tonight we will go have dinner at the club, the invade the Easton Art Festival and browse the artisian booths...I doubt I will find anything more perfect than my very own original Preschool Picassos!

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