Monday, June 23, 2008

A night in the life of a Queen

As mentioned in the HELL post, we got new baby gates to confine the kids to their rooms at night. No more roaming the halls and escaping their own beds. Once we tuck them in this is what it looks like: and this is what it looks like ten minutes later when we re-open the door to see what the noise is all about: Here is the view inside Natalie's room after thirty minutes: and here is video what I was able to see an hour and a half after we closed the door to the boys room: This is what they call KABOOMING!

Finally almost 3 hours after the inital bedtime, this is the sight of pure HEAVEN:

and then, somehow, someway, this is what my King Size bed looked like at 5:53 a.m.- no room for Mommie or Daddy-grrr!

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