Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Third Day at the big "D"

The Magic Kingdom. The KING of all amusement parks. This Queen and her entourage spent day three of the trip schlepping all around the castle. The kids were in awe. The parents had sticker shock and the grandparents were just along for the ride, literally. The fun was to start early and end late because we had to maximize the price of admission. Did you know that self parking in BFE at the Magic Kingdom is $11 and the cost of one adult ticket is over $77? You can bet that for about a hundred bucks I was going to see and do it all- even with all our crew in tow. At least that was the original plan anyway.

Fast forward to the second hour of the Disney experience when the temps were rising and the humidity could not get any higher- I was re-thinking the most bang for the buck theory and was seeking out any and all indoor rides and theater style shows. As horrible as the indoor entertainment can be (think Simon Cowell's critical remarks from American Idol) if it was held in the air conditioning it was music to my ears. We took the kids to It's a Small world, the 3-D movie and all the other typical stuff. They were completely and totally loving it. How can you be negative when your kids are having the times of their lives? As a parent you just endure the torture of the heat, the crowds, the prices, and the nagging fatigue and you just smile. Take pictures and smile.

Jeff was quite the spectacle at the Magic Kingdom. Apparently, the Japanese tourists were in shock at the sight of a quad stroller filled with cute American kids. One couple actually whipped out their HUMONGOUS Nikon paparazzi lens camera and started snapping pictures of my family. How weird is that? What are they going to do with photos of someone elses kids? I can only imagine the slide show back in Japan when they share their story of Disney World... Ahhh, so- Sirry Americans wit TREE TRIPLETS and a wittle baby. Hi Yah!

In addition to showing the little ones a great time, we were hosting Argenida and her best friend Mary. These girls were having a blast and it was equally wonderful to be able to let them enjoy such a dream come true. They spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom and could not stop smiling.

We ended our day at Disney with a parade on Main Street and the 45 minute haul back to our steaming mini-van. All the kids were ready to fall asleep before we were able to leave the parking lot, but somehow we managed to talk and keep them awake until we got home for real naps. AMEN....we all crashed out until it was time to celebrate Cousin Samuel's first birthday.

Our birthday celebration for Samuel ( and Charlotte too!) was at the RED ROCK CANYON GRILL. The food was truly amazing and Aunt Rachelle bought a delicious cake for the birthday kids, and baked CJ his own Chocolate Gluten Free cake. Mommie got a much deserved Cosmo Cocktail and was able to relax and enjoy the meal.

The best part of the entire day was putting the kids to bed. We sat and talked instead of reading a bedtime story, and they told me all about their favorite parts of the Magic Kingdom.

Natalie liked the monorail
CJ liked the movie
and Eli liked lunch

By the way....This is what heaven looks like....all four kids crashed out on the sofa bed! This is my own personal Magic KINGDOM right here...And we lived happily ever after, LOVE,
The Queen!

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