Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thanks J-date

Reflecting back on the few short years ago when I was single and living in Prairie Village, KS, Jeff was a full time single dad to Amanda & Mitchell in Columbus, OH.... where has the time gone? Gee Thanks J-date- Ugh, I think.

I guess we are one of those J-date success stories, where Jewish boy meets Jewish Girl and they end up living happily ever after. I just don't think either one of us thought that this would be our real life family photo 2008. If you would have asked Jeff 5 years ago where he would be today, I doubt at all he would have envisioned a wife, 4 new kids including triplets, an aupair, a house in New Albany and all the laughs we get every single day and every night.

Most of my blog enteries are cheerful and positive like sunshine, moonbeams and rainbows but I am not going to totally blow smoke up your ass...there are nights like last night when we wonder what we did? We are bordering going crazy. Cribs to beds is pure HELL. I said it. We are considering this
(joking) (kind of- maybe?)We are beyond sleep deprived. Full and total exhaustion is mildly stating it. At various times during the wee hours all the little ones took turns playing the PITA active night owl. My head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. Then 15 minutes into my sleep CJ was shrying- Mommie snuggle, Mommie Snuggle, Mommie Snuggle....for a half a freaking hour. With eyes half open I got him out of his room, and told him to be quiet and go back to sleep in Mommie's bed. We barely got cozy when Eli starts saying Daddy I pooped. Daddy I pooped....until Daddy got up and dealt with it. Then he noticed that CJ was in our room, so he proceeded to camp between all of us. We drifted off to sleep in our KING sized bed full of toddler bed hogs who kick, wrestle, drool and genuinely take up room, until about 4:00 a.m. when Natalie entered our room and said loudly, "I AWAKE- Eat Brefkest please!"

Read my blog and envy me? Read my blog and wonder how I stay sane? Do you know me and think I am completely nuts? Whatever the case, Here are a few photos that will explain it all in better visual detail. This is what gets me through nights like last night....

So as I drive down the freeway today fully medicated into a state of bliss, I suddenly noticed the exit signs and I was not sure which way to go? Gee Thanks J-date!

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