Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sweet Slumber

Every night before I got to bed I quietly creep upstairs and tip toe into the kids' rooms to sneak a peek at some slumbering sweeties. It is my favorite time of day (or night?) babies just sleeping, snoring, drooling, and enjoying the peaceful slumber. Last night as I checked in on Natalie I found her clutching the Road Kill Kitty Cat as always. I climbed over the monkey gate to look in on the boys and was mortified to discover Eli was not in his bed. It was pitch black in their room, so I was patting up and down the firetruck bed trying to find him nestled into a corner of the mattress. No luck, his bed was indeed empty. Before I could panic I looked over at CJ's firetruck bed and realized Eli was in it with his brother. It was so dark that I could not really see but thankfully, my digital camera was upstairs on the charger and I was able to creep quietly out of the room to grab it. I knew I had literally One Shot to snap the evidence for the blog, and YES, I realized I was risking waking them up....but this was so worth it!

And yes, they just went along sleeping all through the night. Ahhhhh Sweet Slumber, how I love thee.

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Mary said...

They look so precious.

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