Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer Smiles

It is official. It's Summer. Time for watermelon, plums, nectarines and berries. My tomatoes are in the ground and have tons of yellow blooms and some green fruit, so it won't be long before we can have home grown tomatoes with pesto and parm. For now, we are just enjoying the warm weather and my garden in full bloom. The Pink Peonies are spectacular this season as our the bearded Iris. My best yet I must say.

Silvan came to visit us this weekend and the kids LOVED having "uncle Silvan" play with them. This morning all the kids were asking, "where Uncle Silvan go?" We hope he enjoyed himself enough to come back again very soon!

On Friday Night we did our new family tradition- Whole Foods, 5 for $5. The wine tasting and appetizer party. The kids adore the idea of sampling snacks and new items (it is genetic, thank you Papa) and Jeff and I get a chance to have all the kids neatly contained and buckled up in the shopping carts while we expand our palates and graze on yummy food. We always end the evening with a few double scoops of gelato, this time Eli had Banana walnut, Natalie had Chocolate Mocha, and CJ had Fresh Caramel.

We hosted Silvan and Uncle Marc and Aunt Edye plus Austin on Saturday night. Since Silvan was in town I prepared a feast of Schnitzel, sauteed spinach with shallots, mashed potatoes, and sliced tomatoes. Edye brought a delish salad and caramel topped cake. We opened a couple bottles of Pinot and had a fine time.

Here are some photos of the weekend.... these are the Summer Smiles that make Summer worthwhile!

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