Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday School....why not?

Sure, it is Saturday but why not extend our little homeschool preschool to a 6 day a week program? The kids are game and so am I! BRING IT ON! My two year olds are sponges and I want them to soak it all in... even on the weekend!

We started today's lesson with a field trip to the library. The New Albany taxes are hard at work for wonder the tax rate is so blasted high in NA, the facilities are totally impressive! The library was a huge and instant hit with my "class." You see, I gave birth to my own preschool classroom and now in addition to wearing the fancy MOMMIE hat, I am now donning the Teacher cap too. Regardless of which hat I am wearing, reat assured I am stylish! Today was a peppermint green Lacoste Ball Cap by the way- very festive and "posh tennis mommie" looking for the shee shee poo poo New Albany crowd!

My class loved the small playroom area filled with toys, touchy feely and pop-up books,

wooden puzzles

and plush leather reading chairs.

All of the kids took turns reading to me and to each other- it was hilarious to listen to them make up stories and words based on the photos on the pages. We learned about baby animals, construction vehicles and we studied the season of Summer since it is a timely topic.

The New Albany Library is a great resource for us because in addition to being filled with educational books there is an awesome soundproof room for children and a quiet zone for parents. How cool is that? This means that I can leave my classroom with a substitute teacher (Argenida) and take a break in the Parents or in my case, teachers' lounge where it is COMPLETELY SILENT and they have computers with high speed access for errr, ugh, ehhhh, grading papers(?) and posting blogs. So yeah, this whole summer school thing and homeschooling teacher slash mama thing is working out for the best- even on Saturdays!

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